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We help people who have been injured in auto accidents, personal injury, workers’ injuries.

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Auto Accidents

In San Francisco and throughout the country, we place a high value on personal freedom. Having the ability to go anywhere we want, at any time, is a privilege all drivers enjoy. While we enjoy the independence that comes with driving, we do not enjoy the aggravation of sitting in traffic tie ups, which make driving through and around the Bay Area so frustrating for many drivers. It is clear from the number of congested freeways and interstates that traffic in San Francisco is only increasing. Unfortunately, increases in traffic and drivers often results in an increase in car crashes and collisions, resulting in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

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Personal Injury

In the course of day to day life, accidents happen. You may be involved in a car accident, slip and fall in a grocery store, or suffer an injury as the result of using a certain product or tool. As the result of your accident, you could suffer broken bones, cuts or bruises, as well as more serious injuries that impact your quality of life or ability to work. These types of accidents and others like them are referred to as personal injuries, and while they are common and occur on a daily basis, they are often not an accident at all.

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Workers' Compensation

On the job injuries can happen anytime, regardless of your type of employment. While some occupations require their employees to perform more dangerous tasks, even the easiest job can end up being a threat to your health. On the job injuries can be serious and even life threatening, and the financial ramifications from these injuries can be severe. Injured workers often face heavy medical expenses and hospital costs, and lost wages can create uncertainty not only over how to pay these bills, but also how to support your family.

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