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How Long Do I Have To Be Employed To Qualify For Workers’ Compensation?

For people who have been hurt on the job or suffered an occupational illness, the California workers’ compensation program can be a much needed life saver, in term of providing both the medical benefits and financial compensation they need. If you have been suffered an injury or illness during the course of your employment, it is important to let your supervisor know immediately and to get medical care as soon as possible in order to be eligible for benefits. Regardless of the type of work you do or how long you have been doing it, whether you are a permanent or temporary employee, or whether you work full or part time, you may be able to get valuable benefits that can help you support both yourself and your family through your recovery.

Eligibility For Coverage Under Workers’ Compensation

According to the California Workers’ Compensation Institute, coverage under the state workers’ compensation is all available for nearly all employees, regardless of where you work or how long you have been on the job. For most people, the moment you begin a new position with a company workers’ compensation will pay the following types of benefits in the event you are injured:

  • Medical care and expenses associated with your injury;
  • Temporary disability benefits in the event your injury restricts you from working or performing certain types of labor;
  • Permanent disability benefits, if you suffer a permanent disability that may or may not prevent you from working;
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits, which can provide training and education in the event you are unable to return to your former job field or type of work as the result of your injury; and
  • Death benefits, for the families of workers whose injuries are fatal.

According to the California Division of Workers’ Compensation, temporary disability benefits are generally two thirds of your pre-tax wages, and minimum and maximum rates of compensation you can receive are set by state laws. If you work several jobs, the total amount of income earned from all positions will be used to calculate your benefit amount. If you are eligible for permanent disability benefits, your doctor will assess your percentage of disability. Based on this percentage, a dollar amount will be calculated for your disability, based on your average earnings. If your doctor determines that you will eventually be able to return to work, you may receive permanent disability benefits in addition to your temporary benefits, and permanent benefits generally begin within 14 days after you have returned to work. The amount and type of benefits you may be entitled to depend on your individual situation. To get an estimate of your potential benefits, to dispute the amount you have been awarded, or to appeal a denied claim, contact an experienced San Francisco workers’ compensation attorney.

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