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Can I Negotiate My Injury Claim Myself?

Many people often hope to cut the already heavy costs they have incurred in a personal injury accident by not hiring an attorney to represent them. By representing themselves, they think they will save money, while still getting the settlement they need for their injuries. While representing yourself is, of course, an option, it is often not in your best interests.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the law, and knows how it is applied in individual cases. Aside from their experience in dealing with the California Civil Code when it comes to personal injury cases, they are also well versed in the types of damages available in your particular case. In dealing with insurance companies, many people forget that these companies are in business to make money, and one way of doing this is by denying or undervaluing your claim. A personal injury attorney has experience with insurance companies, understands their tactics and can ensure this does not happen. Common sense would indicate that having a knowledgeable, professional personal injury lawyer representing you, whether by filing documents in court or by negotiating with the insurance company, will end up resulting in higher settlement amounts for the damages and injuries they have suffered.

An added benefit to hiring a personal injury attorney rather than going it alone is that it will generally cost you nothing up front. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not get paid unless they win a judgment for you, and even then it may not be your money actually paying your lawyer’s fee. Under the California Civil Code, attorney’s fees in car accident cases can also be awarded as separate costs in personal injury cases, in addition to your total damages and expenses. This means that the at-fault party will have to include money in their settlement to cover your lawyer’s fees and costs, and even if your case settles prior to going to trial, these costs are generally included in the settlement amount. Not only does this eliminate the worry over having to come up with upfront money to pay a lawyer, but it also guarantees your personal injury lawyer will do their best to win your case. If you do not get compensation for your injury, they do not get compensated for their time spent representing you. With so much at stake, you really cannot afford to not have a lawyer handling your case.

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