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Dealing with Insurance Companies in San Francisco After an Accident

Going through a car accident can be a traumatic event. Auto accident victims may be left with lingering injuries like back and neck pain, broken bones, and damage to internal organs. The loss of one’s means of conveyance may also be tough on the driver or those who depended on him or her for financial and transportation assistance.


Fortunately, drivers are required to carry insurance to compensate victims following the accident. California car insurance laws require all of us carry a mandated minimum level of liability insurance in case either ourselves or another driver is hurt or suffered property damage.


Just as we pay into our insurance, we expect insurance companies to be forthright with providing the important coverage we need to make ourselves whole again. Sadly, insurance companies do not always follow through with their obligations to compensate injured victims hurt by the negligence of others. In these situations, hiring a San Francisco car accident attorney may be necessary to secure justice for you and your family.


What should I tell my insurance company after an accident?


After a car accident, you should report the accident to your insurance company. Only provide the information required for the insurance company to being a report, do not give any details about the crash before speaking to an attorney. If the accident results in more than $750 in damage or someone is hurt, you must also report the accident to the California DMV.


Immediately following the accident, seek medical treatment even if you believe your injuries may not be serious. Documenting your medical condition after an accident is important for your health and to establishing whether or not you sustained long-term injuries which may hamper your daily life.


Once medical treatment is sought, speaking to a qualified San Francisco auto accident attorney should be a top consideration. An attorney can help bridge the information gap between you and the insurance adjuster handling your accident. The right attorney should have the skill and dedication to properly advocate for your legal rights.


If you are contacted by any insurance company representing the parties involved in your accident, you should refer them to your attorney. Car accident victims are entitled to recover for their property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies often attempt to downplay the victim’s injuries in hopes of paying a lower settlement.


Why is getting a lawyer important after a car accident?


Insurance companies are in the business of making money and turning profits and do not always compensate car accident victims properly. Short and long term injuries may require physical therapy and repeated doctors visits. Furthermore, lost wages from seeking medical treatment, the loss of transportation, or the inability to work may quickly add up.


Hiring an attorney from the onset of your car crash may help give you the best chance to receive the compensation you truly deserve and maximize any settlement. Do not place yourself at the mercy of powerful insurance companies, contact a San Francisco auto accident attorney following your accident and protect your legal rights.

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