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New Workers’ Compensation Enforcement Laws

In late 2015, California governor signed  Senate Bill 560 into law. The law is a breakthrough for workers in the construction industry, giving regulators the enforcement powers necessary to close gaps in workers’ compensation across the state. Workers’ compensation laws are important to protect the health and standard of living for workers and families.


Previously, only district attorneys were able to compel employers with court orders to appear in California Superior Court to answer for violations of workers’ compensation laws. The bill now allows enforcement representatives from the California Contractors State License Board to issue a Notice of Appeal to contractors suspected of violating regulations.


Employers violating the law may be subject to up to one year in jail and/or a minimum $10,000 fine. Second offenses may result in minimum fines of $50,000 and a minimum of one year in jail. Second-time offenders will also be charged the costs incurred by regulators to investigate the incident. Employers are strictly liable for providing workers’ compensation insurance meaning the burden is on them to comply with the law.


California workers’ compensation laws


State law requires employers in California to carry workers’ compensation insurance to compensate workers injured on the job through a one-time accident or developing a work-related medical condition. Insurance is mandatory, even if the employer only has one employee.


Workers’ compensation insurance covers the injured worker’s medical costs, hospital exams, and may partially cover any lost wages due to an injury suffered on the job. Workers suffering from diminished earning capacity or permanent disability may be eligible to receive long term financial compensation through workers’ compensation injury claims.


Injured victims receiving long-term disability benefits are eligible for supplemental job displacement benefits to help retrain workers for new career opportunities should they be unable to return to their previous job. In tragic workplace injuries, family members of workers killed on the job may receive funeral benefits and dependants may be able to receive up to $320,000 in workers’ compensation death benefits.


San Francisco workers’ compensation lawyers


If you or a loved one was hurt on the job and have questions about your workers’ compensation claim, speaking to a qualified San Francisco workers’ compensation lawyer can help. Because workers do not always get the full amount of compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses, it is important you immediately seek medical attention and then talk to an attorney.


Compensation for injury claims is determined by an insurance adjuster’s opinion of your medical examination following your injury. Powerful insurance companies often put profits before people and would rather pay as little money to injured workers than ensure family providers are taken care off.


California workers’ compensation laws can be complex and certain steps must be taken to properly administer claims and any appeals. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney should be familiar will all the administrative procedures and negotiating with insurance adjusters.


If you were hurt on the job, do not take a chance on your family’s future. Speak to a San Francisco workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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