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Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Personal injuries can have catastrophic financial and health consequences for injury victims. Fortunately for injury victims, the law gives them legal remedy to recover compensation for their damages if their injuries were suffered due to the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of another. Personal injury lawyers can help you.


The need for long term care, huge hospital bills, and lost wages from being away from a job or being unable to work again can add stress to an already difficult situation of trying to recover. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, courts give injury victims the opportunity to makes themselves whole through compensation.


What are tort laws?


Tort laws allow injury victims to bring civil lawsuits to recover damages for a breach of duty resulting in injury. The law holds all persons, corporations, and entities must take reasonable steps to ensure their actions do not cause undue harm to others. The four main components of a tort claim are:


  • Duty: Did the defendant owe a duty to behave in a way a reasonable person would expect to prevent injury or harm to another?
  • Breach: Did the defendant fail in their duty to act in a reasonable manner by acting with negligence?
  • Causation: Did the defendant, by their negligent actions, cause the injury sustained by the victims?
  • Damages: What were the damages sustained by the plaintiff as a result of the injury due to the plaintiff’s negligence?


Winning your personal injury lawsuit


Proving negligence and establishing causation in a personal injury lawsuit are the two most important components to a successful outcome. Retaining a qualified attorney can help you give yourself the best shot of winning your lawsuit.


Many times, defendants in personal injury suits are powerful entities like insurance companies, big corporations, and city governments. Powerful defendants and their attorneys will often abstain from admitting fault and properly compensating injury victims for the harm they have incurred.


If you or a loved one was hurt due to someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury attorneys. An attorney help you exercise your legal rights and begin the healing process.


What can I recover in a personal injury lawsuit?


Tort laws give injury victims recourse to recover for all the damages they have suffered. This includes economic damages like property damage, lost wages, and hospital bills, In the tragic case of a wrongful death, California law gives surviving family members to file suit for the deceased loss of income and support.


Injury victims can also recover for their emotional damages, including pain and suffering. Examples of pain and suffering can include the physical pain and anguish of sustaining an injury as well as the emotional loss of a loved one or being unable to take part in activities once enjoyed before suffering the accident.


San Francisco personal injury attorneys


If you or a loved one was hurt by the careless actions of someone else, contact an experienced law firm for a legal consultation about your case. Seasoned attorneys have years of experience recovering damages for personal injury victims. Strict time deadlines apply when filing personal injury lawsuits in San Francisco, California so please preserve your legal rights and contact a legal professional at your earliest convenience.

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