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San Francisco Warehouse Accidents: Preventing Issues

The San Francisco workers’ compensation scheme is undoubtedly a fantastic arrangement that helps employees during their recovery journey following a workplace injury. It also helps employers from being sued repeatedly for the injuries of their staff. Still, no one is expected to look forward to being injured while on duty just because there’s compensation available to assist them.

All workers are expected to “lean” on the side of safety while discharging their duties as much as they can. Even with the best San Francisco injury lawyers, the workers’ compensation scheme will only provide a fraction of what an injured employee earned pre-workplace injury.

Meaning, everyone should, as much as possible, prevent accidents that can affect their productivity and wages. That said, if you work in a warehouse in the San Francisco bay area, here are some tips that could help prevent accidents in your workplace.

Let safety be part of your warehouse or workplace culture

Imbibing a safety mindset or culture among employee usually go a long way in preventing accidents or injuries in workplaces. The company’s bottom line/revenue is an important discussion, still, try not to make it the only thing to talk about at work when motivating your employees.

It sometimes makes employees feel pressured to take unsafe decisions mostly because they want to save costs or help the company. If you reiterate the importance of safety more than often, employees will also work with that mentality. Emphasizing that the safety of the next man at work is everyone’s responsibility is crucial in maintaining safety and instilling a safe culture.

From regular training to the use of visible safety signs across your warehouse, employees are reminded of the need to lean on safety’s side at all times.

There is a need for training on lifting, pulling, or dragging heavy objects.

Some of the common causes of injuries in factories and warehouses are slips, falls, and repetitive stress injuries. Many of these injuries come from lifting, pulling, or dragging objects. Without going through some training on the right way to carry, pull, push an object, virtually everyone does it. We have been doing it in our homes.

However, the warehouse or work scenario is different. If workers are not trained in the proper way to lift objects, even with the use of machines, the chances of developing muscles bruises, repetitive stress injuries, etc., becomes higher. What’s more, wrong positioning while lifting or pulling objects could lead to slips or falls, which can cause fractures or torn ligaments.

Other safety training also includes fire drills. Staff should be aware of all the available exists and a coordinated protocol of exiting the warehouse should be in place. This way, employees can move to safety and avoid stampedes as much as possible. What’s more, every member of a team should also be trained on the use of fire extinguishers. It could be a quick way of eliminating small fires before they become infernos or destroy lives.

Wearing proper shoes and other protective gear must be enforced

Depending on the type of workplace, protective gears are a must if one is to prevent accidents or injuries. From protective clothing to helmets, gloves, and shoes, the presence or availability of the proper gear can go a long way in carrying out duties properly and ultimately avoid issues.

For example, the proper work shoes may be key to preventing slips. Whether it’s the company that makes the provision or the employee has to purchase their own boots, the standard specification should be put in place to ensure uniformity and safety. The right shoes do not only protect against slips on a wet floor, it could also protect the feet from falling objects, hot, or corrosive spills.

Clear workspaces and forklift driveways.

Leaving things on the floor puts you and others in danger of accidental slips or falls. If workspaces are clear there are fewer chances of confusion or running into equipment that could cause harm.

Furthermore, driveways should always be clear when in use. Just like it works on roadways out there, it should be both the responsibility of the forklift driver and others using the forklift driveway to ensure safety. What’s more, ensure the regular maintenance of forklifts and other machinery to ensure they do not malfunction in ways that could cause accidents or injury to operators.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Even with all the training and regulations put in place to ensure safety in workplaces, people have reportedly violated them, causing accidents that lead to injuries or even fatalities. Sometimes, without being negligent or ignoring safety rules, accidents can happen. Sadly, it could be anyone and at any time. In fact, someone else’s mistake can cause injuries to others.

If you are involved in an accident at the warehouse you work, trust us, you need all the help you can get. It’s not uncommon for workers to get below what they deserve as compensation when workplace injury happens. Therefore, it’s best to let experienced San Francisco injury lawyers handle your claims. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your claims.

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