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Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in San Francisco

Any major city like San Francisco with high traffic movement would undoubtedly attract high auto or car accidents. Apart from poor weather conditions that sometimes affect visibility, it’s not uncommon for people to drive with divided attention.

What’s more, California as a whole is a huge city with plenty of activities, so believe us when we say people are almost always in a hurry. No doubt this means that San Francisco car accident lawyers are always in demand.

That being said, although negligence is one of the significant causes of car accidents, there are other causes that you should be aware of as well. Knowing them could help you in being more cautious whether you are newly starting your experience behind the wheels or you’ve been at it for a while.

On that note, keep on reading for more information on the common causes of car accidents in San Francisco.

  • Entertaining Distractions (Calling, Texting, etc.)

The road is already full of distractions. From billboard brights to beautiful people along the way and other side attractions, you are already doing a great job driving yourself from one place to another safely. Now, adding other distractions like texting, calling, or even applying make-up, and what you have is a disaster waiting to happen at any time.

Just so you know, California laws on driving, which covers San Francisco, places a restriction on calling with mobile devices while you are behind the wheels. It’s a no-brainer since it’s the leading cause of car accidents in the United States. One of the laws prohibits adults from driving with hand-held phones.

The second part of the law deals with drivers that are under 18. While adults can drive with hand-free function, under 18 drivers are not allowed to use a phone and hands-free options. The last part of the law bans the act of texting.

  • Over-Speeding

As mentioned earlier, it’s a busy city, and everyone seems to be in a hurry. While slamming your feet on the gas may get you to your destination in time if the road is free of traffic, you also want to remember that speeding makes it difficult to maneuver and stop in time.

Research shows that over-speeding is the second common cause of auto accidents. Besides, California driving laws mandate drivers to maintain speed limits, including on the highways. So you’ll do well to adhere to them when you reach the locations they are required. For example, unless otherwise stated, you should not drive above 65mph on San Francisco highways and California as a whole.

  • Manufacturing Defects

Sometimes, it’s not all about negligence and overspeeding. There are cases cars have a defect from the manufacturers’ factory. In a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, 44,000 out of the reviewed 2.2 million car accidents were caused by defects.

Trust us. You need an experienced attorney that deals with manufacturers’ defect cases. Unfortunately, not all injury lawyers are experts in this type of case because pursuing claims with defects is one of the most difficult.

The following are examples of common manufacturer defects that have caused road accidents, as listed by NHTSA.

  • Stuck or broken accelerator.
  • Deployed airbags when they should not.
  • Electrical problems that trigger fires or cause loss of lights.
  • Loss of control due to a crack in the wheels.
  • Leakage in a fuel system component.
  • Seats or seat belt failure
  • Tire break
  • Driving Under The Influence

We cannot overemphasize this point. Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous causes of auto accidents in the United States. Driving after drinking or driving while drinking is not the only scenario of driving under the influence. You should also steer clear of the wheels if you are under the influence of mind-altering drugs, which can be prescribed or otherwise. If you are not sober, don’t take the wheels.

  • Running Red Lights

Okay, we know you took driving classes before you got your license. However, that’s the reason this point is on this list. The law says stop when it’s red. Even if it’s 2:00 am, and there are no oncoming cars on the other roads, you are mandated to stop. If your job has a tight schedule with early morning meetings and presentations, leave home early enough. You don’t want to run the red lights; you could end up causing injuries to yourself or others.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Negligence and over-speeding are the leading cause of car accidents, among others. Bearing this in mind could help you develop a habit of avoiding them. Still, you are not the only one driving on the road.

While you are careful, make sure you obey all the driving and traffic laws. Chances are, someone else is throwing caution in the wind. If you are involved in an accident, you need all the support you can get. You’ll do well to contact our San Francisco injury lawyers to help you get the best outcome for your scenario.

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