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Most Common Workplace Injuries in San Francisco, California

While employers may take necessary measures to ensure the safety of their employees, there’s almost no injury or accident-proof environment. Meaning, workplace injuries can happen at any time. From slips and falls to accidents with machinery, there are countless ways workplace injuries happen. The good news is California has laws that mandate employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

With this article, you’ll know most of the common workplace injuries that lead to worker’s compensation claims in California. What’s more, if they happen to you or your loved one, you can quickly file for compensation and employ the services of San Francisco injury lawyers to get the best outcome for your case.

Severe Back & Shoulder Injury

Mostly caused by lifting heavy objects, falls, slips, etc., back injury is the most common injury in the California work environment. A four-year recorded statistics show an average of 56,000 workers, injured by lifting heavy objects. If you regularly engage in tasks that involve lifting, pulling, pushing relatively heavy objects, you might be at risk of developing back or shoulder injuries. So do not take it lightly as a normal development.

Many workers have successfully filed claims with the California Division of Workers’ Compensation for back and shoulder injuries.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

The second most common workplace injury reported in California is injuries caused by repetitive motion. They are also referred to as overexertion injuries as they are not caused by sudden trauma or force to the affected body part. What’s more, they are injuries that develop in body areas when the part is overstretched or overworked after a long period. They usually manifest as strain in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.

They are known to result in long-term debilitating pain, which often causes a worker’s productivity to decline significantly. Because repetitive motion injuries do not happen suddenly like fractures, burns, and other sudden workplace injuries, some employees often seek medical care without applying for compensation under workers’ comp.

As an employee, you don’t have to prove your employer was negligent. As long as it can be established that it’s an injury that developed on the job and is affecting your ability to work, you should file for worker’s compensation. You should contact and bring an injury attorney into the picture so that you can get the best outcome for your case.

Here are some examples of the activities that can cause this type of injury:

  • Repetitive work without standard rest hours or breaks.
  • Improper technique for lifting objects.
  • Typing without good ergonomics.
  • Improper sitting position.


Fractures or broken bones can be extremely painful and may sometimes require surgery to get the affected individual back to normal. Depending on the severity of the injury, an employee may find it difficult to return to their usual day-to-day job. If you discharge your duties in a manufacturing environment, slips/falls, objects falling on bodies, bodies caught between working machinery, etc., are all common scenarios that may lead to fractures in workplaces.

Furthermore, employees that use cars or trucks as their daily job function may also be prone to this injury as many auto accidents have reportedly led to fractures. Fractures on any part of the body will naturally incapacitate such workers for some time. If you are injured at work, which results in breakage of the bones of your body, you should file for workers’ compensation after seeking medical attention and also get an experienced injury lawyer involved.

Cuts, Punctures, and Scrapes

In another four-year data captured on the statistics of workplace injury in California, around 18,500 workers were reported to have sustained workplace injuries from cuts, punctures, and scrapes. Cuts or lacerations can be severe in that they affect the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and even bones. Treatment of many cases can run to thousands of dollars and a long journey to full recovery. Workers in factories, warehouses, construction, oil rigs, shipping sites, etc., are all at risk of injuries of this nature.

Also, employees that work mainly on the highway by driving several miles may be at risk of these injuries. Many road accidents, though non-lethal, have reportedly resulted in deep cuts and even puncture of major organs. Many workers have become incapacitated for many weeks or even months due to injuries from lacerations or punctures.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Even with all the safety measures put in place by employers to ensure safe working conditions, workplace injury and illnesses can happen to anyone at any time. When they do, trust me, you need all the help you can get to ensure your recovery journey is not unbearable.  It’s best to let experienced San Francisco injury lawyers handle your claims. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your claims.

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