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Motorcycle in San Francisco: Best Practices On The Roads

Motorcycles are an excellent choice for moving around San Francisco. They save gas and are stylish. Also, when the traffic gets clogged up, you can sometimes get to your destination on time if you are on a motorcycle. Still, you should not forget that accidents are an ever-present risk on San Francisco roadways.

Other road users, like truck drivers, bus drivers, etc., that may not be paying attention or driving recklessly can pose a great risk to you in a busy-traffic city like San Francisco. Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users.

That said, before you hit the road again on your motorcycle to enjoy the fantastic San Francisco scenery, here are some best practices for driving motorcycles. If you are in a collision with a careless or reckless motorist, our San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Inspect your motorcycle before driving

While this one is an obvious tip, the need cannot be overemphasized. In San Francisco, motorcyclists make up less than three percent of the total number of road users, however, 20% of traffic-related deaths involve motorcycle riders.

Yes, the actions of other road users contribute to many road accidents, still adequate preparation before hitting the road is one of the best practices to adopt. That said, inspect your bike to ensure the lights, horns are working fine. You may leave home in the daytime and not account for detours which may cause your riding hours to extend into the nighttime.

If your headlights are not working, you would have known before you left home and have it fixed.

Furthermore, inspect your brakes as many motorcycle repair mechanics reported worn-out brakes and partially deflated tires as the cause of some accidents.

Adopt more visible clothing and gear

While your size could be an advantage in traffic where other road users are stuck, it could also be a downside for you as other road users may not see quickly while you are speeding by. So, to slightly tip the scales of roadway safety in your favor, increasing your overall visibility to other users of the road should be one of the best practices to adopt.

It’s a simple tip: if your fellow road users can spot you quickly, it increases their chances of reacting and avoiding running into you. Out there, you probably have little or no control over the weather, lighting situation, and human behavior. Therefore, one of the things you can do is adopt clothing that reflects light or has bright, conspicuous colors.

This first tip is particularly important at night. Furthermore, you should also design or opt for helmets with fluorescent design. Your motorcycle could also use a visible revamp to altogether improve your visibility.

Practice safe lane splitting

Lane splitting, whitening, or lane sharing is when you ride your motorcycle between two lanes, especially in traffic to bypass other road users. Here’s the thing, California law allows lane splitting. What’s more, the road laws in California prevent road users, including truckers and car drivers from stopping anyone from splitting lanes. For example, it’s illegal for a car driver to intentionally open his door or use other means to prevent a rider from splitting lanes.

Nevertheless, the legality of splitting lanes doesn’t mean you should throw caution in the wind or abuse other road users’ blind spots. If you must split lanes, it’s better to do so when the traffic is slow and other road users can’t speed up. Avoid splitting lanes when the traffic is significantly fast-paced or near speed limits.

You should also split lanes at low speed so that you can maneuver or react to unforeseen development. Remember you are more vulnerable due to your size or compactness, so avoid driving riding that equates to sneaking up on other road users. It could lead to a collision.

Stay Sober while riding your motorcycle

It’s against the law to drive under the influence, it’s that simple.  But why? Mind-altering substances like alcohol and drugs can impair your riding skills. It takes just a one-time riding under the influence to get involved in a crash that may even be fatal.

What’s more, alcohol is known to impair your judgment. People have reported taking more irrational decisions when riding after drinking. If you are under the influence, you may find it hard to keep simple motorcycling-riding rules like allowing enough distance between you and the next road user. Allowing enough distance gives you enough room to react or maneuver to safety in the case of sudden development on the roadway.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

What we all hope for is that all road users can comply with all traffic laws and not accommodate distractions while they are on the road. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. As a motorcyclist, your compactness or size might sometimes put you at a greater risk on the roadways, especially when visibility is poor.

That said, if you ever get involved in a collision or accident with another road user, you will need all the help you can get to get the compensation you deserve. It’s best to let experienced San Francisco injury lawyers handle your case. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your case.

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