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San Francisco Car Accident: Don’t Say This To The Insurance Company

When you find yourself in a San Francisco Car Accident, it’s important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Remember that they will take any chance they get to not to pay you. So make sure to carefully make statements lest it can result in you getting a reduced payout or no payout at all.

In 2019 alone, there were 33,244 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. This makes the significance of a car accident attorney even higher. In order to make sure that you get what you are claiming, keep in mind the following things that you should avoid saying to the insurance company after you have met an accident. Even if you’re telling your story truthfully, misspeaking or providing unnecessary information could be used against you in a claim dispute.

It Was My Fault:

When you are in an accident, it is important not to admit fault. This can leave the insurers feeling like you are at fault. This may result in taking away your insurance benefits as well as make things difficult for you with law enforcement.

Even if we’re just being polite by saying “I apologize”, these words might come back down on us later; it is only wise not to be apologetic for the incident.


I Think:

When dealing with insurance companies in San Francisco Car Accident, be sure to stick as closely to the facts of your situation as possible. Don’t offer opinions or guesses – any answer can be used against you in an argument. Always remember to avoid saying anything that isn’t a fact!


I Am Fine:

Make sure that you never say that you are alright immediately after the accident. This makes your insurance company’s case strong, even if you were hurt after an assessment from the doctor.

You might feel that you are fine even though you aren’t. This is because you might not feel pain in your body after trauma occurs due to adrenaline stimulation which prevents you from feeling those newly inflicted damages right away; you feel them hours later.

Always visit a doctor and document any injuries that you find. Also, you should never sign any medical releases without consulting your attorney first.


Don’t Give Contact Information for Others:

Remember not to give the insurance company any names or contact information for others, including family members and friends. Also, don’t give them your doctor’s phone number because they may try to call them in order to get more information on how you’re doing after an accident!


Recorded Statements:

The insurance company will examine your recorded statement very carefully to look for any inconsistencies and contradictory information. As a matter of fact, you are bound to give them any recorded statements.

Always consult your attorney when you want to give any statement. It is crucial because the insurance company can use your statements against your claim in an effort not to pay you.


Unnecessary Details:

You should never offer up information that you were not asked for. If your speeding wasn’t mentioned, then don’t mention it. Keep unnecessary details to yourself because anything you say can potentially harm your claim in future legal proceedings; this can be used against you in court proceedings.


I Don’t Have an Attorney:

The insurer may take advantage of you if you don’t have a personal injury attorney. Get one as soon as possible and make sure they know about any accidents or injuries from the beginning so that no surprises come up during processing time!

Be quick in reaching out to a car accident attorney. Once you have one, the insurance company representative will cautiously deal with you.


I Accept:

If you’re in a state of desperation, then your insurer will try to offer lowball offers. But don’t accept them! Instead, go through an attorney because they can negotiate on behalf for what is fair considering everything that has happened. This includes any damages done to your vehicle by accident or negligence from the other party during the course of an incident.


I Have a Whiplash:

Don’t say that you had a whiplash. It is a major red flag for insurance companies that will often encourage them to look more closely into your claim. So unless diagnosed with whiplash by an accredited doctor, don’t falsely claim it.

Hire a Professional Car Accident Attorney in a San Francisco Car Accident:

We know that following a car accident, it can be difficult to comprehend the next steps in filing your claim. We are here for you! Our team of car accident attorneys is dedicated and ready to help after an unfortunate event like a car accident.

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