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San Francisco Workers’ Compensation Benefits – All You Need to Know

Let’s say you’re involved in an automobile accident while on your job in San Francisco. Should you start talking to your injury lawyers about compensation? Will that be the end of your service? Well, that is where workers’ compensation benefits come in?

Workers compensation is a mandated government system intended to protect both workers and employers in times of injury. You may take it as a solution for both parties to avoid the stress of trial and legal fees.

Almost all states in the US have compulsory laws requiring employers to carry their workers’ compensation. However, the rules may vary from state to state or across industries.

If you are in San Francisco, your best bet is to get in touch with our San Francisco workers’ compensation lawyers. On that note, here is all you need to know about worker’s compensation benefits.

What Are the Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California?

Just like many states in the US, California adopted workers’ compensation somewhere in the 90s. Most companies operate a no-fault system. Meaning you may not need to point fingers at anyone before receiving benefits.

In California, businesses with employees are required to provide workers compensation under California Labor Code Section 3700. A company’s workers compensation covers all its workforce, including part-time staff. Employers may purchase an insurance policy in one of two ways.

They may either opt for a private insurance company or the State Compensation Insurance Fund. While State Compensation Insurance Fund is the largest globally, private companies tend to be more accountable. They maintain healthy financial disclosure ethics and leverage independent auditors for credibility.

However, the State Compensation Insurance Fund sells workers’ compensation coverage on a non-profit basis. They are often the last resort for businesses refused by private insurance companies.

Regardless of an employer’s choice of insurance provider, workers in California are entitled to five main types of compensation benefits. They include:

  • Medical Care

Employers in California provide medical care enough to cure or relieve you from your injury.

  • Temporary disability benefits

If your work-related injury affects your ability to be productive, employers often need to determine whether it’s temporary or permanent. Employers start paying temporary disability benefits for a few weeks after the injury or successful surgery. The main objective of temporary disability benefits is to make up for wage losses. Some insurers calculate the benefits as two-thirds of your regular weekly salary.

  • Permanent disability benefits

If your physician diagnoses you to be permanently impaired due to an on-the-job injury, permanent disability benefits apply. The higher the severity of your case, the more weeks of benefits are payable. It could be for the rest of your life if your situation demands it.

  • Supplemental disability benefits

A lot of partially disabled employees are likely to lose their mojo in their recovery process. If your employer deems you unfit to field your former role, supplemental benefits can then apply.

Supplemental disability benefits are payments to help you with educational and skills retraining for other options. They are also known as retraining or job displacement benefits.

  • Death benefits

While no one anticipates dying on the job, it’s an unfortunate reality for many employees. According to statistics, about fifteen work-related fatality cases are recorded each day.

Death benefits are provided to a deceased worker’s dependents, including children, families, or next of kin.

What Medical Treatment Is Covered?

Workers’ compensation for medical care ensures your employees are well taken care of in times of injury. For workers in California, all medical care-related needs must follow California’s Labor Law Legislative Instrument regulations.

it establishes that medical treatment for an injured worker will include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Surgical expenses
  • Chiropractic services
  • Acupuncture Services
  • Nursing fees
  • Cost of medical and surgical supplies
  • Aid items like crutches or partially disabled victims
  • Orthotic and prosthetic devices and services

That notwithstanding, workers’ comp benefits will only apply for treatment from a Medical Provider Network. Through a set of guidelines called Utility Review, these doctors may either approve, modify, or deny an employee’s treatment request.

After approval, the doctors will take care of injured workers until further treatment is deemed ineffective.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Accidents are inevitable at the workplace and should not be the end of your productivity. While most workers are entitled to workers’ comp benefits, there can be several difficulties.

It’s advisable to enlist professionals while you focus on your recovery. While you do that, our team of San Francisco injury lawyers will ensure that you get all that is due to you. Rest assured, we will come up with a foolproof strategy to ensure your insurer settles your claim.

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